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Willemijn de Ridder, PhD-student

Willemijn de Ridder web.jpg

Hi! I'm Willemijn de Ridder and I am PhD researcher at the Hand and Wrist Study Group. My research topic is patient satisfaction and everything related to it. Since I worked as a hand physiotherapist and healthcare manager for the last couple of years, I know how the system works and what important is to patients and healthcare providers. My aim is to improve the satisfaction with treatment in patients with hand and wrist problems, so that everybody is satisfied. 


I have a surprising background: I studied literature, social geography, philosophy and physiotherapy and I took several courses in hand therapy, management and communication. I published an article based on my master thesis:  “Zuid-Afrika: een verhaal van vergeving” in: H. Ester, C. van der Merwe en E. Mulder (red.) (2012), Woordeloos tot verhaal. Trauma en narratief in Nederlands en Afrikaans, Stellenbosch: Sun Press. Currently I am studying epidemiology (health studies) at Erasmus University.

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