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Treament and Tracks

Below an overview of how the primary interventions performed on patients in the Hand Wrist study cohort and how they are organized into the measurement tracks. Grouping is based on similar outcome domains and follow-up periods needed to capture the health status of the patient after and intervention. If a patient receives multiple treatments, only one track is assigned based on a priority rule. The tracks are ordered from left to right based on this priority. Hence, for example, when Dupuytren surgery (Dupuytren track) and a trigger finger release (Finger Regular track) are performed at the same time, only the Dupuytren track is assigned because it has a higher priority. Moreover, when a treatment is started with a higher track priority (e.g., trapeziectomy with the Thumb Extended track) then the earlier assigned track (e.g., non-surgical treatment for thumb osteoarthitis with Thumb Regular track), the earlier track is stopped and the new track is assigned.


Track questionnaires and measurements

Below an overview of the predefined tracks, their measurements and time points. This table shows the measurements performed in all tracks and the additional measurements performed in each specific track. For each type of treatment, it was decided whether patients would be assigned a regular track with a short follow-up of maximally three months or an extended track with a 12-month follow-up and more extensive measurements. Measurements performed only in the extended tracks for a specific time points are underlined and denoted by an asterix


Abbreviations: MHQ: Michigan Hand Outcome Questionnaire; VAS: Visual Analog Scale; VAS Function: Visual analogue scale for hand function; PREM: Patient Reported Experience Measure; PRWHE: Patient Rated Wrist-Hand Evaluation; BCTQ: Boston Carpal Tunnel Questionnaire; ROM: range of motion; Satisfaction: satisfaction with the outcome of treatment; PSFS: patient specific function scale.

Details of the tracks and questionnaires

If you want to know the details of the current tracks in use (Menu >Project >Tracks), including all questions asked (Menu >Project>Surveys), please visit the Pulse website, using the following inlog credentials:

Organisation: Xpert Clinics Hand- en polszorg

Username: Projectviewer

Password: PulseTracks

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