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Please find below a list of all educational events:


Data Science in a Day Hackathon: An introduction to analyzing real-world clinical data in hand and wrist disorders. On January 10, 2020, we organize the first Data Science a Day Hackathon, a combination of 1) an introductory course for clinicians on how to use real-world clinical data for obtaining evidence, and 2) a hackathon to use our data set to answer a self-defined question with our Pulse data-set. For more information: 


Esser Master Classes in Hand Surgery and Hand Therapy. The Esser Masterclasses are a series of hands-on courses on five elements of the hand surgery: Nerves, Fractures, Tendons, Osteo-Arthritis and Local flaps. The Esser Masterclass is focused on providing a tailored made and hands-on education by experts in the field.

Practical research training in Hand Therapy and Surgery, a 5-day Master Class. This course is a specialized training in practical research methods for practitioners in the field of hand therapy, hand rehabilitation, and hand surgery. In this week, we will cover both theory of medical research and basic practical skills for hand therapy and surgery research.


FESSH Basel: we have submitted several abstracts for the joint FESSH-EFSHT-Congress in Basel, June 2020. 

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