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Students & Visitors

Within our group, many students have graduated for their Master of Science, e.g. for Medical School or Epidemiology. Interested in graduating with us? Contact us here 

Sara khoshnaw

Sara Khoshnaw

Medical student, Erasmus MC


The patient-related pain and function outcomes in patients who underwent a triangular fibrocartilage complex reinsertion: A 5-Year follow-up

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Eva Tetteroo

Medical student, Erasmus MC


The effect of conservative treatment on the outcomes of surgical release in patients with de Quervain tenosynovitis

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Jop Wagemans

Medical student, Erasmus MC


The effect of a trapeziectomy with Weilby sling in patients with primary thumb base osteoarthritis: A 5-Year Follow-up


Romy Bosman

Medical student, Erasmus MC


Outcomes of surgical treatment of De Quervain disease


Jeanne Bakx

Biomedical Engineering, TU Delft


Predicting pain in hand and wrist patients using machine learning algorithms


Daniek Bogerd

Medical student, Erasmus MC 


Patient factors associated with pain in trigger finger patients scheduled for surgical release


Daniel Stip

Medical student, Erasmus MC


Patient and illness factors associated with open TFCC-reinsertion outcomes


Mitchel Dijkhof

Medical student, Erasmus MC


The effect of corrective osteotomy in patients with symptomatical distal radius malunion


Marloes Hofstra

Occupational therapist


Validity of the ICHOM Questionnaire for patients with CMC-1 osteoarthritis, trigger finger and Dupuytren's disease 


Maud ten Heggeler

Medical student, Erasmus MC 


Effectiveness of revision carpal tunnel release in comparison to primary carpal tunnel release


Mart Tram

Physiotherapy, Maastricht University


The effectiveness of a proprioceptive retraining program in patients with mid-carpal instability for hand and wrist function and pain 


Seyed Hosseini

Medical student, Amsterdam UMC 


Carpal tunnel prediction interface: using machine learning to calculate personal predictions on surgery outcomes for CTS patients

N.op den Kelder.JPG

Nathan op den Kelder

MSc Design for Interaction, TU Delft


The power of placebo in physiotherapeutic hand treatments


Zeynep Tuna

Physiotherapy and Revalidation


Hand therapy following carpal tunnel release, Complications after ulnar shortening osteotomy, Patient-specific Functional Scale in hand conditions


Miguel Jansen

Medical student, Erasmus MC


Predicting clinical outcome after carpal tunnel release


Nienke Mendelaar

Medical student, Erasmus MC


Outcome of Recurrent Surgery in Dupuytren's Disease: Comparison with initial treatment

Nina Loos.jpeg

Nina Loos

Human Movement Sciences, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


Predicting symptom improvement in thumb base osteoarthritis 12 months after surgical treatment &

Expert versus algorithm: comparing surgeons’ predictions of symptom improvement after CTR with predictions of a machine learning algorithm


Stefanie Hakkesteegt

Medical student, Erasmus MC


Patient-reported outcomes after 3-LT in the treatment of complete and incomplete traumatic scapholunate ligament injury


Shacara Blake

Medical student, AMC


Juriaan de Lange

Medical student, Erasmus MC 

foto danee.jpg

Danee Arends

European master of Occupational Science

foto yente.jpg

Yente van Assen

Medical student, Erasmus MC


The Validity f a Triage Tool for Hand and Wrist Disorders


Sharon Nijkamp

Hand therapist, Isala


The personal meaningful gain:  explaining its height and its relation with treatment choices and outcomes

foto sebas.jpg

Sebas Peters

Physical therapist, Xpert handtherapie 


Is early active mobilization after open TFCC repair non-inferior to long-term immobilization?

foto leanne.jpg

Leanne de Roode

MSc Clinical Health Sciences, Utrecht University


Factors contributing to the fulfillment of patient information needs

foto daniel bakker.jpeg

Daniel Bakker

AIOS Heelkunde, PhD candidate traumatology Erasmus MC


Treatment of scapholunate dissociation

diego lachman.jpg

Diego Lachman

Physical therapist


Factors contributing to variation in personalized activity limitations in patients with hand and wrist disorders

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