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Matijs de Jong, Pulse Developer

As original architect of the GemsTracker software my main responsibility is to keep the software working as intended. Technically this means continually maintaining and improving code quality, while guarding the security requirements. Functionally this means translating user requirements into extensions that remain as simple to use as possible, while keeping function creep to a minimum.


As MBA with a specialisation in information processing and as instructor in survey creation and usage I am often called upon to do the initial tranlation of user requirements into something that I either implement myself or the rest of the programming team can work on.


My daily work consists of implementing new features, maintaining and debugging GemsTracker, meeting with users to discuss requirements, implementation and training, communicating with system administrators for data integration and writing manuals and technical documentation. Within the team I play the role of the thoughtful realist that tries to translate whishes into something realizable. The other role I play is that of the often forgotten patient, a role that I have unfortunately had often in the past.

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