Liron Duraku, Hand Surgeon

Liron Duraku.jpg

Dr. Liron Duraku (1986) studied medicine at the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. He
started a two-year Research Master in Neuroscience (2008-2010) during his studies because of his particular interest in the peripheral nerve system and obtained his Ph.D. in 2013. 
This was a collaboration between the Departments of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Hand Surgery and Neuroscience at Erasmus MC. 

In 2014, he started his residency at the Department of Plastic, Reconstructive, and
Hand Surgery at the Erasmus MC. During his final year, he primarily focused his
specialization on hand, wrist, and peripheral nerve surgery and trauma. In December
2021, he successfully finished the National Hand Wrist Fellowship at the Xpert Clinics, Erasmus MC, and Haga Hand, Wrist & Elbow Center.


He is currently following a two-year international fellowship at the prestigious Birmingham Hand Nerve Center (Birmingham, UK) and the Royal North Shore Hand & Peripheral Nerve Surgery Unit in Sydney. During these two years, he is further specializing in complex nerve reconstructions of the upper and lower extremity, tetraplegia- spasticity- and complex wrist reconstructions. He is currently affiliated with the Department of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Hand Surgery at Amsterdam UMC (NL), where he will join the team as a Consultant Hand & Peripheral Nerve Surgeon after completing his fellowships.

Specific interests: Complex nerve reconstructions, complex wrist surgery, trauma,
tetraplegia and spasticity. Liron is one of the co-founders of Esser Masterclass, which is an international hand surgery educational institute. In addition, he co-founded the Esser Research Group (previously known as BROASE); an international hand surgery research alliance between several departments across the globe.

‘’My ambitions are to combine the academic triangle; clinic, research and education,
to get the best possible treatment for patients as a Hand & Peripheral Nerve Surgeon. It is an honour to be part of the Hand-Wrist Study Group; a unique group with so many talented Researchers and Hand Surgeons collaborating to improve the treatment of Hand, Wrist and Nerve disorders together’’