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Harm Slijper, Informatics Lead


Within the Hand and Wrist Study Group it's my responsibility to ensure we use information in a integrated way: From collecting information in a scalable and reliable way, that integrates well into daily clinical care. To ensuring this information is meaningful to patients and clinicians and provides them with new insights to improve the quality of care.

With a background in basic and clinical science (Masters in Human Movement Science, PhD in Motor Control) my current work takes place at the intersection of software development, scientific research and medical performance.


To this end I fullfill several roles to ensure we get the most out of the collected data. First of all systems need to be in place, and continously tuned to systematically collect health outcomes during daily clinical care. To this end, I am the lead architect of the Pulse software we use to collect our data. In order to find meaningful determinants and predictors of outcome I lead, together with Ruud Selles, the research group at the ErasmusMC. To ensure that gained insights lead to improved treatment choices and better health outcomes I lead the development of feedback mechanisms and dashboards that patients and healthcare professionals can use to improve the quality of care. For this purpose I am Medical Performance Officer at Xpert Clinic.

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